Taste of France magazine is here…

Taste of France magazine is here…

France is famed for its food and drink, and the new issue of Taste of France magazine celebrates it in style. From learning to bake the iconic baguette or knock up the perfect crème brûlée, to wine tasting and exploring regional specialties, it takes you on a remarkable culinary journey of France. Here are some of the things you can look forward to between its pages…


Explore some irresistible cheeses from southwest France and take notes from the handy guide to navigating French cheese etiquette so that you can avoid making a fromage faux pas! From Breton buckwheat to a Provencal chateau that brings art and wine together, the magazine offers a true Taste of France, and its informative guides such as the Bluffer’s Guide to Pairing Food & Wine helps you find the perfect wine to pair with your meal.

You can visit the vibrant Mediterranean port city of Marseille which is apparently the most exciting culinary destination in France at the moment, or join the Editor at an iconic restaurant in Toulouse.

When it comes to gastronomy, France is one of the most adventurous nations , and as such you can learn about some of the more unexpected dishes such as lamprey, urchins and udders… If those aren’t to your taste, fret not as there are 29 wonderful recipes for you to try at home – from traditional staples to modern twists and fusion cuisine.

You can learn more about French whisky and gin and how these spirits are wowing the world, read about the vineyards of Savoie, or the steep hills, stony soils and soul-stirring wines of Northern Rhone.

Did you know that there are apparently only around 120 Michelin inspectors in operation? Peter Friend looks at the history of the famous Michelin Guide, exploring the criteria for accreditation and its creation by two brothers from Clermont-Ferrand. There’s also a chance to explore affordable Michelin-starred dining in the Vendée with Annaliza Davis…

There’s no doubt that this issue of Taste of France is sure to get you hungry and looking forward to warmer months (it even has a section on summer ingredients such as herbes de provence, olives and cherries) so make sure you take a look at the roundup of the latest food news, views and gadgets, and why not test your foodie knowledge in the fun quiz! Bon appetit!

Packed with everything the foodie Francophile enjoys, Taste of France features fabulous recipes, the tastiest gourmet travel picks, top chef interviews, all the latest food and drink news, historic restaurants to dine at, a guide to food and wine matching, and much more.

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