How to get the best deal on your next car rental in France

How to get the best deal on your next car rental in France

There’s no need to spend hours searching online to find the best deal on a rental car – here’s how to get the best rate the next time you hire a car in France

For many travellers, the idea of shopping for the best deal on a rental car does not inspire thoughts of joy. You can spend hours online clicking through offers only to find that once you’ve reserved a rental car a lower price has emerged from the tangles of the internet.

Lucky for you, Auto Europe compares prices from the world’s leading car rental companies to get you the best rates available. Our promise to get you the best rates guaranteed means that if you find a better overall price for the same car you’ve rented with us, we’ll beat that price for you, allowing you to rent your car in France with confidence.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to know a few strategies that can help you find a good price on a car rental that fits your needs. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Book your favourite brand with Auto Europe

Car rental providers are not all made equal. In fact, every major rental company advertises their services to different demographics in order to carve out a section of the market. This is great for you, the consumer, because you can use that information to stick with the companies that offer a rental experience in line with your travel budget and goals.

For instance, Budget has built a brand over the past half-century that keeps in mind the ‘budget-minded’ renter, as they call their value-driven customer profile. Renting with this supplier will save you money, but you may sacrifice the quality of your rental experience somewhat. On the other hand, providers like Hertz and Enterprise have a lot to offer business travellers and groups. Additionally, Hertz rents a selection of high-end models, known as their ‘dream collection’, to consumers who are concerned with luxury over budget.

Working with a European car rental expert like Auto Europe allows you to compare prices and the service record of each local car rental supplier in France to find the ideal company for you.

Know what you value in a rental car

Once you know what different rental companies offer, you should ask yourself what you want to get out of your rental car. Are you looking for performance? Is there a specific car that you have in mind? Do you have a strict budget? Once you can answer these questions, you can begin looking through the offerings on Auto Europe, comparing the price, type of car, and ratings for the supplier of your choice. This allows you to make the choice that delivers exactly what you want from your rental experience.

If you value a smooth experience picking-up and dropping off a quality car you may choose to pay a little more. If you want the cheapest available rate, you can quickly find that deal. At Auto Europe we feel that the more information we can provide, the better your experience renting a car in France will be.

Book your car early, but keep shopping

Booking your rental car well in advance gives you a better chance of finding the best deal. Don’t just click through those rental sites every weekend hoping that the price is going to drop. Reserve the car that you want at a price you can afford and then keep looking for a better deal if you want to. Auto Europe guarantees the best price on your rental, so if you find a lower rate for the same car with the same inclusions and additional fees, that’s the rate that we will give you. There’s no risk in booking now – if the rates drop you can follow-up and request a reduction.

If you are travelling for an extended period, consider a short-term lease

A short-term lease is similar to renting a car (with a little additional paperwork) but may be a better option if you are traveling in France or across Europe for 15 days or more. The Peugeot Open Europe Leasing Program is an exciting option which allows travellers to temporarily lease a factory new car with full insurance coverage. There are a few reasons why leasing may have an advantage over booking a traditional rental car, to help determine which option best suits your vacation plans, check out the benefits of leasing a vehicle.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to find the car you are looking for at a price you want to pay. At Auto Europe, we understand that finding the best rate on the rental car of your choice is important to you. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality service before, during and after your rental. Book your car rental today for your upcoming trip and get the most for your money, guaranteed!

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