This is why you should visit France in the autumn

This is why you should visit France in the autumn

From witnessing the grape harvest to enjoying the last sunshine in the south of France, here are 10 reasons to visit France in the autumn

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1. Seeing the stunning autumn colours in the trees.

2. It’s grape harvest season in France, meaning lots of lovely wines to come and watching the harvest take place in the vineyards.

3. The temperature is ideal for walking around: nice and fresh, but still sunny.

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4. The high season is over, meaning less tourists and more room for you at the sights.

5. It’s time for heart-warming French dishes: pot-au-feu, boeuf bourguignon, cassoulet and roasted chestnuts s’il vous plait!

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6. La rentrée also means new book and film releases, new seasons at the opera and the theatre. Stay up to date with your French culture while you’re there.

7. You can get cheaper prices for hotel and flight bookings.

8. The south of France is still warm in early autumn: you can still get to the beach!

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9. It’s so lovely to sit en terrace with a blanket and a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

10. Bonus: just look at those colours again…

What else can you do in France this autumn?

Where to go in France this autumn

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