La Marne, a genuine relaxation therapy

La Marne, a genuine relaxation therapy... TAKE A BREAK in Marne, the birthplace of Champagne at only one hour and a half away from Paris.

La Marne, a genuine relaxation therapy...TAKE A BREAK in Marne, the birthplace of Champagne at only one hour and a half away from Paris.Only an hour and half away from Paris, come discover La Marne, located in the heart of the Champagne Region…. From the rolling hills of champagne vineyards to woods and lakes, the charming landscape will rejuvenate you.A long time ago in La Marne, Dom Perignon invented champagne. Since then, we have continued to produce this world renowned beverage. From famous producers such as Mo�t et Chandon in Epernay to Pommery in Reims, to the smaller producers, this is the place to discover the true origin of champagne. Four free itineraries along the Champagne Route will take you through this journey of taste. Come celebrate the time-honoured tradition of wine-making by tasting some of our different cuvees in their settings.Feed your thirst for knowledge by discovering the culture, La Marne has to offer. Visit, for example Reims, the Coronation City. The magnificent cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has seen the coronation of thirty of France’s Kings. Museums trace the glorious history of the ancient city.In the smaller villages, wine museums, wooden churches and local visits highlight the historical heritage of La Marne. Excite your palate with dishes native of the region: biscuits roses, pot�e champenoise or pieds de cochon.Did you know that La Marne has been designated as the first floral department in France? Today, the floral abundance in over a hundred villages present a dazzling array of colours and smells. Wandering in these villages is a great way to understand our