Herring festival, port of Boulogne, November 21-22

Herring festival, port of Boulogne, 21-22 november...

Herring festival, port of Boulogne, 21-22 novemberFor more than 15 years, this festival has commemorated the fact that this humble fish was the reason Boulogne, France 's first fishing port, was created. The festival aims to encourage chefs to use herring on their menus and bring it back 'in vogue '. People can discover herring in all its forms: smoked, curred, seasoned with vinegar or even preserved. Tasting sessions offer the visitors the chance of a glass of Beaujolais nouveau and a piece of fresh herring served on fresh bread or grilled herring from one of the many barbecues specially installed on the quay.To get more informationBoulogne and the Boulonnais area1, Boulevard du bassin Napoleon, BP 75562 321 Boulogne sur mer cedex – Francet�l: 0033 (0) 321 103 607[email protected]www.tourisme-boulonnais.com

Need a break? Winter wonders in WimereuxIn Wimereux, alongside the promenade, beach huts have been closed up for the winter, but, like the anglo-norman villas that look out to the sea, visitors can still enjoy the wonderful views alongside the coastline.It is strange to imagine that the beach was crowded in summer; in automn, the landscape looks totally different. Though there are different people and other activities, there are still so many things to see and discover. In the countryside, automn is the time to admire the different colours of the leaves trees and footpaths. By the sea, the shoppy waves and dramatic skies are a spectacular sight.Leave the summer sun behind and feel part of the sea and shore this automn. Breath in the fresh sea air, taste the salt on your tongue and feel the wind in your hair as you take an invigorating walk along the promenade as the waves crash alongside you. In the distance, glimpse the white cliffs of Dover through the mist. Locals will tell you that when you see the cliffs, it will rain three days later and if you cannot see them, it's raining now!Enjoy the element on the coast and come and join us in Wimereux and the Boulonnais, we will all be happy to welcome you.To complete your shortbreak, come and enjoy local events.