From the floor to the podium – Dentelle Backstage


An exhibition from Philippe Schlienger at the International Centre of Lace and Fashion of Calais.

An exhibition from Philippe Schlienger at the International Centre of Lace and Fashion of Calais

Opened on the 11th of June 2009, the International Centre of Lace and Fashion of Calais presents the expertise, techniques, economic and social history, manufacturing secrets, as well as the more contemporary aspects of Calais lace.

Endorsed by the stylist Chantal Thomass, the Centre defines itself as a historic temple of luxury and elegance. The building itself, located in an authentic 19th century lace factory with a glass and steel extension with futuristic lines, is worth a visit.

For its first exhibition of 2011, from January 16th to April 30th,  the International Centre of Lace and Fashion of Calais will host the photographic work entitled “Du plancher au podium, Dentelle Backstage” by Philippe Schlienger.

Self-taught, creating his negatives with such precision and meticulousness as would become a stage set, playing with lights and shapes in the alchemy of staging, Philippe Schlienger, more than a mere attentive observer of the world around him, is a scrupulous composer of shapes and colours.

A photographer for top of the range magazines and luxury brands, he enjoys his work and is exactly what is needed for a proposed exhibition within the International Centre of Lace and Fashion. This exhibition will place objects such as rare perfume bottles or products which are emblematic of major cosmetics brands under all of their sewing and restore them by traditional digital photography or even by 3D video thanks to exclusive new technology process.

Numerous lace producers from Calais (Calais and Caudry) have confirmed their presence for this exhibition: Codentel, Desseilles, Noyon Dentelles, Sophie Hallette. They have allowed their clients to be contacted, big names in Haute Couture, ready-to-wear and lingerie: Bonpoint, Chanel, Chantelle, Erdem, Er�s, La Perla, Simone P�r�le, the Royal College of Art.

Philippe Schlienger’s photographs reconstruct each of the stages in the operating chain and the expertise required. In the form of large polyptychs, through playing with colours and formats, the artist gives the most accurate reflection of each perspective. The low-key allows us to delve into the industrial world, between the sheen of graphite and luminosity of the thread, and the solid aspect of the cast-iron looms and the dirty hands of the workers. The white thread, stained by graphite, then washed, dyed and finallly decorated with beads and sequins, is put in the spotlight. This enables a link to be formed between the world of the workers and that of the fashion professionals and thus avoid too much nostalgia which appears in an entirely black and white work. It shows that the lace industry is one of tradition of course, but still alive and anchored in time.

A fantastic spotlight, gradually moving from the leavers machine lace which, through photo, comes to life, gathers and transforms under our eyes to give a true insight. More than an exploration into the world of Calais lace, Philippe Schlienger invites us to an intimate communion.

Opening hours:Every day except Tuesday, from 10am to 5pmFor more information:

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