Enjoy a romantic stay at Hôtel Britannique



Hôtel Britannique has been offering couples since 1860 what can only be described as the most romantic hotel stay in Paris. Located in the oldest area in Paris, it offers a timeless escape for couples who want to celebrate their love in a setting that stimulates passionate senses, creating the perfect balance of romance and luxury. It is not just where dreams are made, but where they are lived!

As soon as you arrive at the Hôtel Britannique, you will find yourself entering the gates of a new fantasy in which only you and your love are the focus. The hotel takes great pride in welcoming each couple, treating them to a bottle of Moët & Chandon Impérial Champagne, along with a beautiful bouquet of roses, an exquisite box of Fauchon chocolates and a personalised card. Each room is carefully decorated to create an extremely charming and romantic atmosphere.

The hotel boasts a wide range of amenities and a dedicated group of staff who are ready to make your stay nothing short of memorable. Each suite is equipped with air conditioning, wi-fi, a flat screen TV, double-glazed windows, and so much more. Our hotel bed linens are beautifully themed and are combined with the highest quality quilts. The hotel offers bathrobes and soft towels as welcome products, especially designed for you by Bronnley, England. Finally, French windows offer a breathtaking, painting-like view of Paris which trumps any postcard, creating a seductive ambiance which makes you never want to leave your room. Each detail is a reflection of the effort put in to make Hotel Britannique the best choice in Paris for your honeymoon.

Hôtel Britannique is located in the heart of Paris on a quiet street near La Seine. It is within close proximity to restaurants, tourist attractions and entertainment. The Louvre, Place Saint Michel, Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou and many other Paris icons are within walking distance. Public transport links are nearby; the closest train station is located on the next street and a bus station is just a stone’s throw away.

Hôtel Britannique offers a unique experience for romantic celebrations in a Parisian setting, with charm and luxury that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

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