Discovering the gardens of Upper Marne



The “Ch�teau du Grand Jardin” in Joinville A jewel of Renaissance architecture , the “Ch�teau du Grand Jardin” was built between 1533 and 1546 on the initiative of Claude de Lorraine, the first Duke of Guise and a companion of Francois 1. It was created as an ornamental castle.It has many sculpted decors on the building’s fa�ades, which are typical of the First and Second Renaissance. It is the perfect combination of French tradition and Italian style. A superbly restored garden which surrounds the castle provides an agreeable place for strolls. After its renovation in 1990, the “Ch�teau du Grand Jardin” regained its rare fruit trees, ornamental flowerbeds and herb patches as well as its 16th century splendour. The enchanting grounds accommodate cast iron sculptures which were made in Dommartin-Le-Franc. It is the 3rd leading historic Renaissance garden in France.The garden can be visited throughout the year. It has two very different areas, the formal garden (with geometric shapes), from the Renaissance and Classical periods and the picturesque grounds, also known as the “enchanting grounds”. Very substantial work was carried out to the repair roof throughout 2008, allowing visitors to reach the upper floors of the castle and therefore have a magnificent view of the gardens.The “Ch�teau du Grand Jardin”Tel.: +33 (0) 325 941 754 www.legrandjardin.comThe “Jardins de Mon Moulin” in Thonnance-les-Joinville    This association invites visitors to discover a creation that pleasantly combines different types of gardens which are located next to a former watermill. They make up a floral collection of great quality, with exceptional fragrances and colours: the rose garden, the herb garden, hardy plants, the white garden, the medieval garden and many others. This project will be continued with the creation of a five senses garden, an Asian garden and the avenue of hydrangeas. In June, July and September, the owner of the gardens will organise themed days: the garden’s roses, its painters, its marrows etc.The “Jardins de Mon Moulin”Tel. +33 (0) 679 507 492 www.lesjardinsdemonmoulin.frUNUSUAL GARDENSAn introduction to basket-making… using willow and other wild plants which can be wovenIn South-East Langres, in the middle of a landscape of woods and forests, a nature activity organiser brings wild plants to life by incorporating them into her basket-making… Two-day training courses are organised which are totally immersed in nature and offer the following agenda for participants: observing and identifying wild plants and willow in different surroundings (meadows, forests, gardens etc.), collecting and preparing wild plants which can be woven, an introduction to simple basket-making techniques and making an item of their choice. Additionally from March to November : C�line is also a specialist of wild plants which have healing benefits, can be cooked or grown in a garden…so many kinds of plants to be identified with a view to using them in the garden, for culinary purposes or for weaving. The activity organiser also offers: – a sensorial approach to wild plants and the basic principles for picking them, – the making of dishes using wild plants. C�line SciacquaLocation: Pressigny Tel: +33 (0) 325 883 018WEEKEND IDEASSmall paradises and great gardensGardening at “le Clos Fleuri” THE “GARDEN GITE” LABELWhether they are enthusiastic botanical amateurs or experts, the owners of the g�tes or bed and breakfasts which have the G�tes de France of Upper Marne label will be delighted to show their gardens to their guests, providing them with a change of scene and relaxation.  G�tes de France of Upper Marne Tel.: +33 (0) 325 302 998 And many other gardens… Strollers will discover the classic views of the Len�tre-style gardens of the “Manoir de Cohons” or the “Ch�teau de Donjeux”. They will see 19th century gardens of the “Square Churchill” of Saint-Dizier. Gentlemen will experience the enchantment of conversations in the shadow of the lodges and the orangeries of the “Ch�teau of Dinteville”. Dreamers will be won over by the romantic atmosphere of a stroll from Entre-deux-Eaux to Auberive or the follies of the “Parc des Roches de Bourmont”.For further information: Tourist Board Haute-MarneCours Marcel Baron – BP 2048 – 52902 CHAUMONT Cedex 9 (France)T�l. : +33 (0) 325 303 900 – Fax : +33 (0) 325 303 909E-Mail : [email protected]Web :

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