Discover the Nord-Pas de Calais at The France Show


Discover the Nord-Pas de Calais at The France Show. London, 8- 10 January 2010…

Discover the Nord-Pas de Calais at The France ShowLondon, 8- 10 January 2010For scenery and landscapes that will overwhelm you come to Nord-Pas de Calais. For here, you’ll form unforgettable memories of the breeze as it catches the taut sails of a rural windmill or wisps around the belfry spires and the bathers along opal coastline. There is something for everyone here: try the beer – whether pale, dark, amber-coloured or white – the region boasts such a very wide range and you will be spoilt for choice! The inhabitants of Nord-Pas de Calais take particular pride in laying out a well-stocked table for their guests. And the welcome is always warm and hospitable so that visitors immediately feel at home…Nord-Pas de Calais is a region steeped in history. It’s border territory has been the source of many a conflict, and trampled underfoot by countless invading armies. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Vauban and the two World Wars have all left their marks on a region that is today, more than ever before, determined to keep the peace. Works by Matisse, Rubens, Goya, Watteau and Carpeaux, but also by Lorens, Braque and L�ger, can all be admired in recently renovated museums throughout the region.Why not try sand-yachting, speed-sailing, riding golf or kiting? The beaches and countryside of Nord-Pas de Calais are the ideal location for a  host of exciting recreational activities.And, as if from nowhere, the sudden eruption of a local festival demonstrating our genuine love of friendship and sharing.Since the last century, golf balls have criss-crossed the legendary greens of some of the most reputable courses in the world and the meandering terrains of lesser-known but equally challenging courses.Nord-Pas de Calais is so close to Britain, yet feels so undeniably different. Arrive in a TGV high-speed train and before you’ve even had time to read a few chapters of your book, you are there. Don’t hesitate to come and meet us at The France Show (stand L53) to get information, brochures, great ideas of short breaks and stays in our warm and friendly region! It will also be an occasion to sample some of our regional dishes such as the “Langue de Lucullus” (foie gras with thin slices of ox tongue), regional soup, �minc� of poultry in a Maroilles cheese sauce, saut� of pork with Choulette beer, “pain perdu” with light brown sugar, Andouillette sausage with juniper, degustation of regional sweets and beers…Let us delight you with our specialities and give you keys to experience that special “ambiance fran�aise” very close to your home. There are exciting events this year, too, such as the new Forester House in Ors: many British visitors are coming to Ors to pay a tribute to Wilfred Owen, poet and British soldier killed during an offensive in Ors. So, the Mayor of the town and the inhabitants have created a true artistic project around the Forester House in which the poet lived his last days and composed his last works. This project aims to highlight the contemporaneity and universality of his works, and will be realized by the artist Simon Patterson.For more information about Nord-Pas de Calais, visit our website:

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