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In the latest issue of FRANCE Magazine, we feature five ways to visit Toulouse, uncover wonderful places to stay for a cosy winter break and explore the history behind one of France’s most popular aperitifs

Nord-Pas-de-Calais road trip

We take a quick hop across the Channel to France’s northernmost region to stock up on delicious French festive treats. Highlights along the way include Arras, with its imposing architecture, Lille, home to a charming Christmas market and where you’ll find speculoos biscuits and local sweets known as Bêtises de Cambrai, and Calais, with its numerous wine shops offering ample opportunity to stock up on the best vintages for your Christmas meal.

Where to stay in winter

The theme of this month’s accommodation feature is cosy winter boltholes. From luxury Alpine chalets to cosy Paris pads, we’ve come up with a list of some of France’s finest winter retreats that will be sure to keep the winter chill at bay.

Five ways to see Toulouse

Discover the Pink city in five different fun ways. Explore this vibrant city from space; Toulouse is a major player in the aeronautics industry with the manufacturer Airbus and interactive Aeroscopia museum listed as the city’s top employers. Foodies beware as the city is home to more than 1,700 restaurants which range from chic, Michelin-starred establishments to former wine cellars specialising in tapas, each one with their own unique vibe. See the city on two wheels with a bicycle tour from one of 253 different bicycle stations dotted around the centre or by segway, which work perfectly with the city’s many pedestrian-friendly streets. We also show you how to see the city by boat with self-hire boat options and short river cruises and by foot on one of several city centre walking tours offered by the city’s tourist office.

The story of Kir

In this in-depth feature we head to Dijon in Burgundy to trace the history behind the popular French tipple Kir and help you decide whether you want to have a go at making it yourself with information on Kir’s vital ingredients and the many different varieties which exist across France.

Plus, we show you how to enjoy Paris as a prince or a pauper, tell you how to put together the perfect French cheeseboard, recommend some great restaurants serving Alsatian fare in Colmar and chat to sportsman James Cracknell on his sporting adventures in France.

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