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Specializing in tailor-made regional tours of France. Treat yourself! Go and discover France!


12 self-guided, standard or personalized tours are offered in the most beautiful and exciting regions of France. Every tour package includes car rental, certain meals, and accommodations, arranged in accordance with your itinerary. You can go on your trip with whomever you want and leave whenever you choose to. FranceTriptailor will adapt accordingly. You also have the option of choosing your own accommodations, car and itinerary! Discover the regions at your own pace and the way you want to. Just enjoy yourself and let us take care of everything else!


This will not be your classic trip to France but instead you will have the opportunity to have a truly French experience via our superb tours. Every itinerary was created with respect to the touristic potential of each region. Therefore, you are sure to visit the most beautiful places, some popular, some less known, in the most extraordinary regions of France. All itineraries have been verified, and every hotel visited, to ensure you have the best quality and to optimize your time during your trip.


Although your tour is self-guided, Francetriptailor will be there to assist you, providing various services: 24-hour, trilingual telephone assistance, the Iphone geoloation application to help you locate your position with respect to your itinerary, a detailed road-book to guide you when you are driving, and optional services that make it easier for you to get to and from the starting point of your trip.


Francetriptailor is aware of the climatic challenges we face, and the impact its activity has on the environment. The company has, therefore, set up a system in which it compensates Co2 emissions by buying carbon credits. This process is included in the price of your tour package. Therefore, the impact your trip will have on the environment is minimized.


To know more about us, please visit our website: where everything has been organized by Jules, your travel advisor, to ensure you have a blast as you drive throughout France!



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