Move abroad, have an affair, get a tattoo: the wishlist of British over-55s

Fiftysomethings say they want to live abroad (c) Getty Images Goodshoot

Fiftysomethings say they want to live abroad (c) Getty Images Goodshoot - Credit: Getty Images

No wonder so many people retire early to France. Moving abroad and learning a foreign language are among the top wishes for fiftysomething Brits, a survey has found

Bin the pipes and slippers! Today’s fiftysomethings are apparently an adventurous and active bunch who are eager to downsize and see more of the world.

In a poll of 2,000 adults aged 55, the number one life goal was to travel more, while learning a foreign language ranked third, moving abroad ranked sixth and downsizing seventh.

With its affordable property and gourmet cuisine, France would seem the obvious destination for these go-getters, given that paying off the mortgage and eating in a Michelin-star restaurant are also among their top 10 ambitions.

More than half of those who took part in the survey said they were confident they would achieve their goals, which also included learning to play the guitar, skydiving and getting a tattoo. Overall, more than eight in 10 respondents in the poll, conducted by, said they felt happy and younger than their age, with three-quarters saying it was important to have aims in life.

Among the other goals to make the top 30 wishlist were getting a six-pack, getting divorced, having an affair, remarrying and trying online dating – though not necessarily in that order. Maybe these respondents should pick up a pad in Paris. After all it is the City of Love. Oh là là!

Top 30 life goals

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1. Travel more

2. Visit Australia

3. Learn a foreign language

4. Retire

5. Drive along Route 66 in America

6. Move abroad

7. Downsize my home

8. Go to more gigs and concerts

9. Pay off the mortgage

10. Eat in a Michelin-star restaurant

11. Volunteer for a charity

12. Buy a sports car

13. Take up painting

14. Learn to play guitar

15. Learn to swim

16. Get a personal trainer

17. Have liposuction or a tummy tuck

18. Get a degree

19. Climb a mountain

20. Get a six-pack

21. Start dating again

22. Do a skydive

23. Run a marathon

24. Have an affair

25. Get a tattoo

26. Buy a motorbike

27. Get remarried

28. Get my kids to move out

29. Get a divorce

30. Try online dating

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