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Mystery, Legend and the history of France through the Paris Metro!

The docu-drama series Metronome, based on the best-selling book (2 million copies) by Lorant Deutsch – actor and history buff, tells the story of the history of France through the Paris Metro. For example did you know that the original location of Lutetia wasn’t Paris but in Nanterre?? That the bodies of the last Gaulish fighters to be massacred by the Romans are buried under the Eiffel Tower? Or that France’s first cathedral can be found, almost intact, under a parking garage of a modern building in the 5th arrondissement?! Presented by: Lor�nt Deutsch. Directed by: Fabrice Hourlier, 2012. Country: France Series subtitled in English. Wednesday 14th and 21st November at 8pm and 8.55pm (4 episodes).



Episode 1 52 BC: Romans burn the Gaulish town of Lucotetia. It is rebuilt on an island and renamed Lutetia, then Paris. Its arenas provide entertainment, Saint Denis becomes its fi rst bishop, and Clovis later turns it into his seat of power. 500 years on, the original village is now a capital city. Subtitled documentary. Weds 14th Nov at 8pm, Mon 19th at 1pm



Episode 2 When Clovis dies in 511, the �le de la Cit� is the Frankish capital. Dagobert expands the Abbey of Saint-Denis after becoming king in 629. Near the beginning of the ninth century, the city comes under attack by Vikings travelling on the Seine, but it puts up a brave defence. Subtitled documentary. Weds 14th Nov at 8.50pm, Mon 19th at 1.55pm



Episode 3 The period running from the ninth to the fi fteenth centuries is dark for Paris. But it shapes the character of its residents as well as its geography. Before leaving for the third crusade, Philippe Auguste protects the capital city with a thick wall. In 1257, Paris becomes a university city. Subtitled documentary. Weds 21st Nov at 8pm, Mon 26th at 1.05pm



Episode 4 In the sixteenth century, Francis I brings the Renaissance lights of Italy to France. He makes the Louvre a castle, and the work he begins continues for 300 years until completion under Napoleon III. But Baron Haussmann boldly pursues the shaping of the city. What does the 21st century promise? Subtitled documentary. Weds 21st Nov at 8.50pm, Mon 26th at 1.55pm

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