18 stunning photos that prove autumn is the perfect time to visit France

PUBLISHED: 15:29 02 October 2019

The beautiful Lac de Bethmale in Ariege. Pic: Marc Andreu/iStock/Getty

The beautiful Lac de Bethmale in Ariege. Pic: Marc Andreu/iStock/Getty


You’ll want to book an autumn weekend break right away after seeing these pictures!

We've selected some of our favourite pictures of France's autumn colours. Which is your favourite?

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris is lined by a parade of copper-coloured trees heralding the arrival of autumn.

The Champs-Elysees in Paris. Pic: Augustin Lazaroiu/iStock/GettyThe Champs-Elysees in Paris. Pic: Augustin Lazaroiu/iStock/Getty

Boats moored up on the Canal de Midi near Toulouse as walkers and cyclists take advantage of the nearby towpath.

The Canal du Midi, Toulouse. Pic: Yvon52/iStock/GettyThe Canal du Midi, Toulouse. Pic: Yvon52/iStock/Getty

A majestic entrance to the grapevines at Château la Nerthe, one of the historic founding estates of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, in Provence.

Château la Nerthe, Vaucluse. Pic: CharliePhotox/iStock/GettyChâteau la Nerthe, Vaucluse. Pic: CharliePhotox/iStock/Getty

A fisherman makes the most of the tranquil waters of Lac de Saint-Point near Pontarlier, Doubs.

Lac de Saint-Point, Doubs. Pic: Jerome Genee/iStock/GettyLac de Saint-Point, Doubs. Pic: Jerome Genee/iStock/Getty

A murmuration of starlings dances through the skies above Corsica.

A Corsican vineyard. Pic: Gwenvidig/iStock/GettyA Corsican vineyard. Pic: Gwenvidig/iStock/Getty

The Pont des Tuves in Alpes-Maritimes frames the River Siagne.

Pont des Tuves, Alpes-Maritimes. Pic: bbsferrari/iStock/GettyPont des Tuves, Alpes-Maritimes. Pic: bbsferrari/iStock/Getty

The Eiffel Tower is framed by a rainbow of leaves.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris. Pic: neirfy/iStock/GettyThe Eiffel Tower, Paris. Pic: neirfy/iStock/Getty

A drone captures the autumn colours in the French Alps near Chamonix.

Near Chamonix, French Alps. Pic: anyaberkut/iStock/GettyNear Chamonix, French Alps. Pic: anyaberkut/iStock/Getty

The cliffside village of La Roque-Gageac is resplendent at this time of year.

La Roque-Gageac, Dordogne. Pic: garethkirklandphotogrphy/iStock/GettyLa Roque-Gageac, Dordogne. Pic: garethkirklandphotogrphy/iStock/Getty

The Medici Fountain in Paris' Jardin de Luxembourg is blanketed in leaves.

The Medici Fountain, Paris. Pic: StephaneDebove/iStock/GettyThe Medici Fountain, Paris. Pic: StephaneDebove/iStock/Getty

The River Vilaine in Brittany dazzles in the autumn sunshine.

La Vilaine, Brittany. Pic: Pierre-Yves Hoguet/iStock/GettyLa Vilaine, Brittany. Pic: Pierre-Yves Hoguet/iStock/Getty

Lyon makes a great autumn city break destination.

Lyon. Pic: SanderStock/iStock/GettyLyon. Pic: SanderStock/iStock/Getty

Église Saint-Martin de Fixin towers above the vineyards of Côte d'Or.

Fixin, Burgundy. Pic: Philippe Fritsch/iStock/GettyFixin, Burgundy. Pic: Philippe Fritsch/iStock/Getty

A dog hunts out truffles in an oak forest in Provence.

Truffle hunting in Provence. Pic: CharliePhotox/iStock/GettyTruffle hunting in Provence. Pic: CharliePhotox/iStock/Getty

La Roque-Alric in Vaucluse, a commune in Vaucluse.

La Roque-Alric, Provence. Pic: Max Labeille/iStock/GettyLa Roque-Alric, Provence. Pic: Max Labeille/iStock/Getty

A solitary bench perfect for an afternoon spent with a book at the Château de la Ferté-Vidame in Orne.

Chateau de la Ferte-Vidame, Orne. Pic: Debieux/iStock/GettyChateau de la Ferte-Vidame, Orne. Pic: Debieux/iStock/Getty

A cornucopia of colours makes the Massif Central a beautiful place to visit at this time of year.

Road in the Massif Central. Pic: Razvan/iStock/GettyRoad in the Massif Central. Pic: Razvan/iStock/Getty

The Lac de Bethmale in Ariège makes a beautiful spot for photography.

Lac de Bethmale in Ariege. Pic: Marc Andreu/iStock/GettyLac de Bethmale in Ariege. Pic: Marc Andreu/iStock/Getty

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