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Camille Claudel, starring French actress Juliette Binoche

Camille Claudel, starring French actress Juliette Binoche

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Set inside an asylum near Avignon, it is a slow-moving yet compelling drama that examines the later life of sculptor Camille Claudel who was institutionalised by her family for 30 years.

Juliette Binoche puts in an outstanding performance as the film’s protagonist Claudel, who in 1913 was locked up in a mental institution by her brother the poet and diplomat Paul Claudel (played by Jean-Luc Vincent). Claudel desperately tries to convince doctor’s of her sanity, but a visit from her brother reveals why she has been locked up for so much time.

Directed by Bruno Dumont, it is a gripping drama with the character’s suffering made painstakingly real through the outstanding performance from one of France’s greatest actresses.

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