Toll road increases


Travelling on the motorway in France now costs an average 2.33% more as a result of an increase in autoroute tolls. This hike is above the rate of inflation, which was 2.1% last year.

The increase in tolls payable varies depending on the company operating each regional network, from 2% in Provence-Alpes-C�te d’Azur to 3% for Paris-Normandie. Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rh�ne (APRR) tariffs have increased by an average 2.58%, while those of Autoroutes Rh�ne-Alpes (AREA) have increased by an average 2.55%.

Annual increases in motorway tolls are governed by regulations, and result from strict application of the terms of the contracts signed by the concession operators and the State. The motorway companies have cited the effort they put into maintaining the roads as justification for the rise in tolls. Sanef alone, for example, operator for the north and east of France, has announced it spent €166 million last year on maintenance and improvements.

The French autoroute system is a network of 12,000 kilometres of motorways, and France does have a reputation for the high standard of its roads. A survey by ASFA, the professional association of French motorway companies, revealed that road-users think France has a good quality motorway network, giving it eight out of 10 overall.

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