The January 2017 issue of FRANCE Magazine is out now!

The January 2017 issue of FRANCE Magazine is out now!

In the January 2017 issue of FRANCE Magazine, we go on a tailor-made trip to Brittany, visit the past and future in the city of Poitiers, sail among the wetlands of the Camargue and explore the French gem of La Réunion

Local’s-eye view of Finistère

Eager to discover even more about one of her favourite parts of France, Catriona Burns embarks on a tailor-made tour of Brittany. Her four-day visit with Enjoy France Tours takes her beyond its rugged coastline and sandy beaches; instead, Catriona heads to local whisky distilleries, practices yoga on the beach, goes hiking around one of the most westerly points in France and relaxes in one of the regions numerous natural seawater thalasso therapy spas. This action-packed feature will have you craving much more on your next visit to beautiful Brittany.

La Réunion Adventures

Former Living France editor Eve Middleton explores the beautiful Indian Ocean island of La Réunion and finds that there is much more than berets and baguettes in this faraway French département. Eve tells us that the island’s selling point is the fact that it is wonderfully diverse; from active volcanoes and stunning forests to attractive cities and stunning beaches, La Reunion, as Eve finds out, really does have the wow factor.

Where to stay for… winter sports

This month we find places to stay for those of you who love winter sports. From traditional hotels just a stone’s throw from the ski slopes to mountain chalets where you can practice snowshoeing, we show you the best places to go to make the most of the outdoors this winter.

Camargue boating

Veteran storyteller Ray Kershaw takes to the water to explore the richness of flora and fauna that can be found in the hauntingly beautiful Camargue wetlands wedged between the Petit and Grand Rhone. Ray passes through this timeless wetland by pleasure boat, negotiating tranquil waterways with one hand on the wheel and the other clutching a pair of binoculars.

Plus, we go truffle hunting in Périgord, suss out some of Burgundy’s most charming restaurants and chat to ‘Birdsong’ author Sebastian Faulks about his French inspiration.

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