The currency of optimism


New survey suggests positive outlook for sterling

The findings of the latest survey by suggest a feeling of cautious optimism surrounding the exchange rate.

Of the respondents to the property website’s survey, 44.44% predict that the pound will strengthen against the euro over the coming year, while 40.97% believe it will stay the same. Just 14.58% anticipate that the pound will weaken in that period.

The survey also revealed that 67.81% of newcomers to the French property market place the Gallic lifestyle top of their reasons for looking to buy there, ahead of other factors such as proximity to the UK and even the value for money of property. Perhaps this also helps to explain why a staggering 67.43% of respondents are looking to move permanently to France.

Every month, France Property Shop will be running these surveys. If you’ve got something to say then visit and join in. We will be publishing the highlights of the surveys’ results in French Property News every month.

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