Ryanair considers fat tax’


Tapemeasures at the ready as Ryanair considers introducing a fat tax’.

Ryanair is inching ever nearer to introducing a charge for overweight passengers, tantamount to a fat tax’. The company is currently considering how to implement such a charge, after 30,000 passengers voted in favour of charging large passengers for their excess weight on an online poll in the space of two weeks.

The airline is asking passengers to choose between four proposals in a further poll.

The options are as follows:

-Charge per kg over 130kg/20 stone for men and 100kg/15 stone for women

-Charge per extra inch for waist measurements above 45 inches (male) and 40 inches (female)

-Charge per every point in excess of 40 points on a BMI scale

-Charge for a second seat if passenger’s waist touches both armrests simultaneously

“With passengers voting overwhelmingly for a fat tax’, we are no asking them to suggest which format the charge should take,” explained spokesperson, Stephen McNamara. “The above four points seem to us to be the simplest, fairest and administratively easiest to apply. In all cases we’ve set limits at very high levels, so that a fat tax’ will only apply to those really large passengers who invade the space of passengers sitting beside them.”

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