Pullman Editions presents Art Deco � la Plage


All-new C�te d’Azur poster collection by Pullman Editions

Art Deco � la Plage is a collection of limited-edition posters from newly commissioned artworks, reprising the quintessential heritage and dramatic imagery of vintage travel posters. This exclusive collection of 12 posters offers a choice of several iconic locations, including St-Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Beaulieu, Monte Carlo and Provence, among others. The collection – newly designed in the Art Deco style – combines tradition, originality and high style, immortalising these classic resorts in posters costing a fraction of their vintage counterparts.

These limited-edition posters are created using traditional lithographic techniques, and printed on the finest 100% cotton paper to the same size as vintage posters, namely 38 x 24 inches (97 x 60 cms). Each is individually numbered (from 1 to 280) and is discreetly embossed with Pullman Editions’ stamp of authenticity.

Demand for the greatest vintage travel posters of the 1920s and 1930s has never been stronger, and their low survival rate and consequent rarity has lead to spectacular prices being achieved both privately and at auctions such as Christie’s specialist travel and vintage poster sales. Five-figure sums are not uncommon for the most sought-after posters – as recently as 2011, Alexeieff’s fabulous art deco train, The Night Scotsman, achieved �34,850 at auction. These high values render vintage posters of this calibre inaccessible to all but the wealthiest collectors.

Art deco as a hugely popular art form – having gone from ‘niche’ to ‘must-have’ in a generation. Managing director, Georgina Khachadourian, has commissioned 12 exclusive poster artworks from Pullman’s principal house artist Charles Avalon.

Travel-related art has existed as a collecting genre since the 18th century, and it was the development of the lithographic printing process in the late 19th century that heralded the age of the modern decorative poster. Posters – once described as ‘a visual shout’ – proved an attractive, effective means of promotion and ‘at-a-glance’ display.

Resort posters were originally produced by Swiss and French railway companies to persuade affluent and adventurous travellers to enjoy the newly-fashionable playgrounds of Europe at St-Tropez, Monte Carlo and so on. These chic posters graced station platforms and billboards, the vast majority naturally being destroyed when replaced by other posters, and it is the handful of surviving vintage posters that today fetch such dramatic prices.

Pullman Editions recreates the spirit of these stunning early 20th century images with original posters, printed in limited numbers, to a high standard, at an affordable price. They cost �395 each, including VAT, unframed.

For more details, visit www.pullmaneditions.com

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