Narbonne in the South of France

A major port of ancient France, Narbonne has been a meeting place of civilizations for more than 2000 years

Narbonne sits in a privileged setting close to  the Spanish border, is less than 1 hour to Carcassonne-Toulouse and Montpellier - and is surrounded by a diverse natural landscape making it the daughter of the Mediterranean.

There are many reasons to visit Narbonne from fine sandy beaches stretching for miles and natural lagoons to the foothills of the Corbieres. Explore the classified ranges of the Clape and Fontfroide with their exceptional vineyards and beautiful rivers and the UNESCO World Heritage canal of Robine. Narbonne continues to entice.With its rich past and beautifully preserved landscapes, the Mediterranean city of Narbonne welcomes you all year round.

Come and share the special ‘art de vivre’ which can only be found in southern French towns like the covered market “the Halles” with the best local producers, and other gastronomic restaurants to enjoy a great meal!

Whichever aspect of Narbonne you choose to explore, be it the beach, the countryside or the heritage such as medieval monuments (archbishops’ palace, the gothic cathedral, art and history and archaeological museum) and Roman vestiges (‘Via Domitia’ antic road, subterranean galleries ‘Horreum’ unique in Europe, best preserved frescoes)….you will experience the town’s unique character, a delightful blend of dynamism and a gentle way of life.

Narbonne offers a wide range of accommodation, from 1-4 star hotels, gites, camp sites and B&Bs whether it be in the city, vineyards or by the seaside.

The people of Narbonne, shaped by sun and vine, have personalities which reflect the local area: warm, with a good pinch of strong character. The people and the landscapes are so welcoming that you can’t help but feel at home here. As you wander down a lively street or cycle along the canal, you will find yourself in authentic France.

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