13 discoveries about life in France from Living France’s September issue

13 discoveries about life in France from Living France’s September issue

In the September 2019 issue of Living France we explore Hautes-Pyrénées, celebrate grape harvest season with a look at Burgundy and Alsace and a round up of homes with vineyard views, plus we have expert insight into renting and education in France

1. The Hautes-Pyrénées is a natural adventure playground with year-round outdoor attractions

We explore the exhilarating Hautes-Pyrénées, its scenery, spas and ski resorts, and get an agent and local expats’ perspectives on the department.

2. Renting a property in France can be a good way to dip a toe in the water before buying

We have a breakdown of the rental process including documents needed to rent, tenant responsibilities and types of leases.

3. France is British expat’s favourite destination

That’s according to the latest HSBC explorer survey. We have our monthly roundup of news and events around France.

4. There are 28,841 hectares of vineyards in Burgundy

The end of summer means vendange time in France and two areas that will busy harvesting grapes for their wines are Alsace and Burgundy. We take a tour.

5. In French primary schools, there is no school on Wednesdays

Our LF guide this month focuses on exams and schooling in France including changes to the baccalauréat.

6. C’est pour ma pomme means it’s my treat

This month’s language pages discuss phrases relating to the French word pomme, plus we have a movie title game as well as our regular crossword.

7. Builders in France have to provide a 10-year guarantee

Meet Andrew Nadin and his wife Jo who run a successful renovation company in Gers.

8. All crémant undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle

Wine expert, Richard Hemming answers a reader question on sparkling wine

9. Some great expat businesses are based around recycled materials

Hear from three women who are doing their bit for the environment with businesses producing ceramic jewellery, bags and beeswax food wraps.

10. Treehouses are not just for children

Andy and Natalie Solomon have created a unique woodland retreat including treehouse accommodation complete with hot tub.

11. The Mandat de Protection Future is the French equivalent to Lasting Power of Attorney in the UK

Learn about the legalities of power of attorney for those with a French home and other assets in France.

12. It is worth haggling at French car boot sales

Amy Jones discusses her experience of brocantes and vide-greniers.

13. September is a good time to lay netting over ponds

Sue Bradley has her monthly list of things to do in the garden and discusses the Clematis ‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’.

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