Le Figaro rates France’s Lyc�es


Le Figaro newspaper has rated France’s senior schools (lyc�es) and produced a definitive list of France’s best and worst secondary education establishments, revealing a distinct bias towards the Paris area and the south-east of France when it comes to top-class schooling, with lyc�es around Paris and Lyon dominating the charts.

Lyc�e Fran�ois Mansart in Thizy, near Lyon, was nominated as France’s best lyc�e, and was one of the few public (free) lyc�es to make it into the top 20. In all, 15 of the top 20 secondary schools listed are private, fee-paying schools, with just one public lyc�e in the north of France, Lyc�e Galilee in Franqueville St Pierre near Caen, making it into the top 20. Those public schools that did make the grade were concentrated around Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon in the south-east.

The schools were rated primarily on the basis of their pupils’ Baccalaur�at success (A-level equivalent), with these results counting for two-fifths of the schools’ final grade. Secondly, the schools were judged on their pupils’ progression and improvement, calculated by taking into account a pupil’s social background and entry-level grades versus their performance in the Bac, again this criterion accounts for two-fifths of the final grade.The third and final factor to be taken into account was whether the schools exercised a selection process on entry, those schools that separated out gifted or talented pupils in order to maximise their pass rate had points deducted from their total.

Visit http://www.lefigaro.fr/palmares-lycees/ to find out how your local lyc�e performed

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