11 reasons to buy the June 2018 issue of French Property News

11 reasons to buy the June 2018 issue of French Property News

The June 2018 issue of French Property News is now on sale! Browse hundreds of French properties for sale, explore different inspiring locations in France and get advice from legal, tax and property experts.

1. Go househunting just across the Channel

We look at locations and houses in the pretty coastal department of Manche.

2. Find friends in France online

Social media, and especially Facebook, can help expats find their feet in France.

3. Live the dream in a French city

Rural bliss is nice but have you thought of living it up in a city in France? We look at the lifestyle and properties you can find in different cities.

4. Learn how to make a good offer

While property prices in France are often negotiable, you should know how to make a reasonable offer without offending the sellers.

5. Hear from the couples who’ve made it work

A barging couple find their dream home in Bordeaux, another finally build their house while a final couple create France’s first bowling green made from artificial turf!

6. Explore Midi-Pyrénées and the Dordogne valley

As favourites with British househunters, these two southern regions still appeal to plenty of buyers…and for good reasons!

7. Create your perfect garden in France

Gardening in France can be quite different so take this expert advice to avoid any pitfalls.

8. Discover where great artistic figures lived in France

And find a house in the old stomping grounds of Oscar Wilde, Van Gogh, Albert Camus or Guy de Maupassant.

9. Step inside a beautiful renovation

A Londoner and his mother transformed an old hotel in Provence into a beautiful holiday home.

10. Did you know that leaseholds don’t exist in France?

The concept of long lease does not apply to French apartments. Instead, you need to understand the idea of copropriété.

11. Find your dream home in France

From houses with beautiful al fresco dining areas and bargains under €100,000 to a part of a huge property in Gard, we pick our favourite properties on the market this month

You can buy the June 2018 issue of French Property News.

Or you can take out our great subscription offer and get the magazine delivered to your door every month!

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