Residency permit deadlines and 7 other things we learnt in the July 2021 issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

Residency permit deadlines and 7 other things we learnt in the July 2021 issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

Can I buy a French property remotely? Which areas of France are good for families? What do TVA and CPAM stand for? The answers are all in the July issue of French Property News, out now!

1. You can view, make an offer and sign for a property without even stepping into the country

If you need tips on how best to buy property in this digital world, from online viewings to securing that sale from your sofa, it’s all on page 24.

2. Despite its latitude and position, the Basque country down in the south-west actually gets more rainfall than the north

A search for sunglasses and sunnier skies – Ruth shows us the sunshine states in northern, central and southern France, on page 28.

3. Saint Honoré was the patron saint of pastry makers

Why is French patisserie so good? Learn more about France’s famed desserts and pastries, and where best to find them, on page 32.

4. If you’re living in France and haven’t yet applied for a residency permit, you need to do it before the end of June

Find out what you might need to do before the approaching pre-Brexit residency deadline on 30 June 2021, and more information on types of visas, on page 44.

5. The ‘Pink City’, Toulouse is a great place for families and has often been voted as the most attractive place to live in France

Find out which five French departments are great for family life, from healthcare to education and everything in between, in this month’s Living France section on page 89.

6. Since Brexit, you must now appoint a tax representative when selling a property for more than €150,000

A handy guide to selling your property with a checklist that takes you through the steps and legalities, on page 68.

7. VAT is known as TVA in French – but don’t get caught out by other acronyms that are nothing like their English counterparts

See whether you know your CNAM from your CPAM, and find out what CAF and URSSAF actually mean along with many other acronyms, on page 102.

8. The process of moving livestock up to the mountains during the summer for grazing is called transhumance

Learn more about rural French life and agricultural traditions on our Rural riddles page (p80).

If you want to read and learn more about buying property and living in France, take out our great subscription offer and get the magazine delivered to your door every month!

On the cover: a dreamy village house in Aude, on the market with Leggett Immobilier

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