July 2017 issue of Living France out now!

July 2017 issue of Living France out now!

In the July issue of Living France we discover what it’s like to live in Dordogne, discover the best of the Loire Valley by bike, hear words of wisdom from expats who have already moved across the Channel and meet an American ex-model who loves hosting dinner parties in her château in Pays de la Loire


Affectionately known as ‘Dordogneshire,’ this long-time favourite expat hot spot is still as popular as ever. We remind ourselves why it’s such a firm favourite.

Along for the ride

If cycling is an important part of your life, you’ll want to hop on the saddle in the Loire Valley. Cycling enthusiast Scot Whitlock explores this beautiful region by bike.

Take our advice

Expats who have already moved to France share their words of wisdom. You’ll definitely want to read this invaluable advice from the people who have been there and done that!

Open house

Ex-model Mary Pochez lives in an 18th-century château with her husband in Pays de Loire where an endless flow of family and friends come to enjoy Mary’s famous parties. Mary lets us into some of her dinner party secrets.

Plus we reveal how best you can integrate into your new life in France, take a look at what makes French pharmacies so unique, reveal tips for saving money on your phone and broadband connection and tell you how hosting French guests in France could provide you with extra income. There is also expert advice on banking and taxes for unmarried couples.

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