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Planning a holiday to the capital? Then why not consider a self-catering apartment rather than a hotel?

If you ‘Go with Oh’ to Paris in one of their top quality apartment rentals then you’ll be assured of a comfortable stay in the City of Lights. You may never have rented an apartment as your accommodation before, but that shouldn’t stop you enjoying the benefits of staying in one and with GowithOh’s Customer Care team on hand to answer all types of queries or doubts 365 days of the year, you have a helping hand just a phone call away!

Why stay in a GowithOh apartment rental?

There are plenty of reasons why staying in an apartment makes sense. Here are the main ones below:

1 – It’s cheaper than a hotel

Not only will you make savings with the price of the accommodation, but by having the option to dine in some nights as well as dining out, you’ll be able to save a lot of extra spending money from not having to eat out in a restaurant for every meal.

You may not see the costs of food and drink adding up during your holiday, but having the little things like coffee, cereal and bread on hand in your kitchen for a quick snack or drink can allow your wallet to stay in your pocket for longer.

2 – You’ll feel more like a local

Feel more like a true Parisian in an apartment from www.GowithOh.com. Unlike a stay in a hotel, a holiday in an apartment will put you in the same building as the local people. You’ll have the chance to practice a bit of French with the neighbours you pass on the staircase or can even just give a smile and give your finest “Bonjour.”

Going grocery shopping is another fun local experience that those staying in hotels usually miss out on.

3 – GowithOh apartments are quality

GowithOh hand-pick each and every one of their apartments in Paris – that’s nearly 400!

Any apartment that doesn’t meet the high standards will not be found on the website and those that are online are reviewed by past clients so that anything that can be done to improve the service is noted and put into action. A quick and easy to see rating out of 10 is also given to each apartment by past guests, with the average rating being an impressive 9.2 out of 10!

How to Book?

If you are already convinced and ready to book then the next step on your journey to a Paris holiday is found at GowithOh

Simply visit the site and look for the apartments in Paris and your holiday apartment in Paris will be just a few clicks away!

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