Get help with all aspects of buying a property in France

Get help with all aspects of buying a property in France

Foremost Property Group can help you buy your dream property in France and offer advice on currency and tax through their related companies ADVEROTRIAL FEATURE

The Foremost Property Group has been helping families, couples, individuals and investors find their ideal French property since 2007. Their refreshed website has thousands of properties in France priced from £30,000 to over £5 million, catering for all budgets.

Over the past year they have built up close relationships with leading French property agents, helping UK buyers buy from credible agents and also ensuring the UK buyer is aware of all the aspects to buying in France. Foremost Property Group recently released their Essential Guide to Buying in France brochure. This is packed full of vital information to help buyers finding their ideal property, understand the buying process as well as finances and tax.

Another popular page on their website is the ‘Buying property in France’ page. This has information on the most popular regions in France for UK buyers and also a handy ‘Top tips to buying in France’ section. The top tips cover:

• Understanding the buying process

• Selecting a property agent you can trust

• Engaging a notaire who is dependant from the seller

• Getting your currency right

Getting your currency right is a hot topic at the moment with the boost of the sterling against the euro in 2015 and the early part of 2016, and the exchange rate now fluctuating, means you really need to consider speaking to a currency exchange specialist early on in the buying process.

Foremost Currency Group is the sister company of Foremost Property Group. Foremost Currency Group are currency exchange specialists who have helped over 14,000 customers move money aboard for the purchase of their new home. You can watch the video below on the company to find out how they help customers make the most to their currency.


If you would prefer to speak to one of their dedicated brokers you can call UK: 01442 892060, to get an update on the currency options available, in particular forward contracts. A forward contract allows you to set the rate for up to two years. When your property price has been agreed but the completion date is still a few weeks or months away, a forward contract guarantees the price as the formalities are concluded, protecting you from any market volatility. Or if you feel that the exchange rate is high but you haven’t found the right property you can use the forward contract to hold the rate for up to two years with just a 10% deposit (payable within two working days) and then settle the balance before the contract expires.


Another aspect which many buyers need to consider early on in the searching and buying process is the French tax system, which is by no means straightforward. Fortunately UK buyers have access to a very credible tax specialists company Director Robert Kent has offices in the south of France and his partner Duncan Campbell is based in the UK. We recommend you contact either Robert or Duncan if you have any tax queries, UK: 08451 23 84 23 or France: 0810 23 84 23.

Of course all of the above information is only relevant when you find your property, so start your search today, visit our website to view thousands of properties for all budgets and find your ideal French property.


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