7 things we learned about France in the June 2021 issue of FRANCE Magazine UK

7 things we learned about France in the June 2021 issue of FRANCE Magazine UK

From star marshmallows to space discoveries – what will you discover about France in our latest issue?

1. You can get the Côte d’Azur experience in the very north of France

From perched villages to seaside chic, Hauts-de-France offers a taste of the south of France without straying too far from Paris.

Join Lucy Shrimpton on a tour of the north’s summer hotspots on page 18.

2. There’s a legendary café in Normandy that became the first building in France to be liberated

And you can still visit it today! The Café Gondrée converted their dining area into a field hospital for wounded Brits when fighting erupted on 6 June, 1944.

Mike Johnson shares his treasured memories of a Normandy too few see on page 42.

3. For some of France’s best spa towns, follow the white gold

The legacy of the salt trade is alive and kicking in eastern France, where you can take the waters in some fantastic resorts.

Lebby Eyres shares some of Franche-Comté’s favourite bathing spots on page 36.

4. His name may not be familiar, but this French artist quietly revolutionised the art of advertising with his iconic poster characters

Firmin Bouisset created gorgeous designs for the likes of Nestlé and the LU biscuit company.

Victoria Gibson paints an elegant portrait of Firmin’s life and work on page 46.

5. You can see a fragment of the Moon in Toulouse, France’s aeronautics capital

The fabulous Cité de l’Espace also has life-size spacecraft and Martian meteorites to admire.

Find out what else France’s spectacular Pink City has to offer with Richard Webber on page 54.

6. There’s a town in the Périgord Blanc famous for its marshmallows, or guimauves

If you’re ever in Neuvic in Dordogne, head to Lominé to sample its famous sweet treats.

Embark on a road trip in this beautiful part of France with Heidi Fuller-love on page 58.

7. White Armagnac may be a relatively new kid on the block compared to its amber sibling, but it’s making waves among drinkers

Whether you add it to a cocktail, sprinkle some on cheese or pour over a sorbet, this delicious eau-de-vie is a gorgeous taste of Gascony that makes the perfect addition to your drinks cabinet.

Amanda Garnham tells all about this extraordinary tipple on page 66.

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