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ADVERTISER FEATURE Your new life in France is every bit as magical as you hoped, but sometimes you might find yourself craving a taste from the UK

There can be many reasons why British citizens decide to leave the UK and make the move to France, with work, lifestyle or the better climate being just a few of them.

However, although France is very close to the UK, day to day life can be very different, and food can play a big part in how at home someone feels.

British Corner Shop recently spoke to British expat Emma, who lives in Lyon, France. She reveals why she moved abroad, what French food she most enjoys, and how she feels about food from home: “I moved to France in 2010 as my husband and I wanted to experience a better lifestyle than the one we had in the UK. I was nervous at first and, being a fussy eater, found it particularly difficult to adapt to living without my favourite foods from back home.

“However, I was encouraged by other expat friends to throw myself into the French way of life, and this began with me getting to grips with the French food.

“Over two years on and I now love my life here in France; I have a great apartment near the centre of Lyon, lots of new friends, and enjoy cooking and eating both French and British dishes.

“Two French recipes that I love are brandade, which is a baked casserole made with puréed cod, milk and potatoes, and coquilles St-Jacques, a scallop gratin made with a rich, creamy mushroom sauce.

“However, I must admit that I do still crave British food, but now I’ve discovered British Corner Shop I’ve realised it is possible to have all my favourite products from home delivered to me in France; such as Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing and Warburtons Bread. I really love their reward points scheme, as by simply writing a few reviews of my favourite products I can easily rack up enough points to save a few pounds on my next order.

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“What’s more; if there is a product I want and it is not on the website all I need to do is email them, and the customer service team will go out of their way to try and get this product for me.”

“British Corner Shop has been a lifeline for me, and now I’m able to truly feel at home in France.”

British Corner Shop is the online supermarket for British Expats carrying over 8,000 of the most popular branded food, drink, household and toiletry items. So whether you miss your PG Tips or Bisto Gravy, British Corner Shop is here to help.