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MS Raymonde from CroisiEurope ©

MS Raymonde from CroisiEurope © - Credit: Archant

With CroisiEurope, you’ll cruise the rivers of Europe on board of your own French restaurant. Experience an authentic holiday sailing from city to city, our ship will be your floating hotel: small enough to moor at a town port, but large enough to provide you with every amenity

MS Belle de l'Adriatique, CroisiEurope © Frantisek Zvardon

MS Belle de l'Adriatique, CroisiEurope © Frantisek Zvardon - Credit: Archant

Founded in 1976, CroisiEurope is a family-owned company and pioneer in river cruising in Europe. Operating 50 ships, CroisiEurope river cruises take you on the Rhine and the Moselle, the Danube, the Seine, the Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne around the Bordeaux region and its wine country, and the Rhône and Saône. Southern Europe is also among the most successful destinations offered by Europe’s leading company, with cruises on the Douro in Portugal, the Guadiana and Guadalquivir in Spain, and the Po River in Italy. CroisiEurope also launched cruises on the Loire and the Elbe on board of unique paddle wheel ships, and operates six charming hotel barges to experience gliding along the tranquil waters of Champagne, Provence, the Loire, Burgundy and Alsace.

Experience an enchanting river cruise in our large choice of destinations. Whether you fancy losing yourself in stunning riverside cities in France, strolling typical villages in Spain, discovering historic Germany or immersing yourself in Dutch and Belgian culture, CroisiEurope has a cruise for you.

MS Elbe Princesse, CroisiEurope © Oliver Asmussen

MS Elbe Princesse, CroisiEurope © Oliver Asmussen - Credit: Archant

CroisiEurope also offers river cruises on the Mekong and on the Volga. Mediterranean itineraries feature in the wide range of destinations with cruises along the Adriatic coast and from Naples.

Eager to remain at the forefront of river cruise innovations, as it did in 2015 and 2016 with two paddle wheel ships, the MS Loire Princesse and the MS Elbe Princesse, CroisiEurope will reinforce its fleet with a third paddle wheel ship in 2018 on the Elbe and Vltava rivers.

MS Vasco da Gama, CroisiEurope © Alain Bron

MS Vasco da Gama, CroisiEurope © Alain Bron - Credit: Archant

Beginning April 2017, the MS Miguel Torga will be launched to sail the Douro River in Portugal, sailing from Porto and stopping in Regua, Vega de Terron, Ferradosa and Pinhão. The three-deck ship will boast a pool, contemporary interior design and 66 cabins that will accommodate 132 passengers. Hosting eight-day cruises, it will join CroisiEurope’s four other ships on the ‘Golden River’.

Active holidays to keep fit while having fun

Cabin on the MS Belle de l'Adriatique © Gregory Gerault

Cabin on the MS Belle de l'Adriatique © Gregory Gerault - Credit: Archant

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For ramblers and cycling fans, CroisiEurope also offers active holidays with biking and hiking cruises, taking you to the next location to explore by boat along dazzling scenery, with all the comfort onboard your floating hotel. Experience walking or cycling closer to nature, taking in landscapes unfolding along the banks at a leisurely pace. Your active holiday will include welcome breaks sampling local food and delicacies to let you discover regional traditions. The perfect combination to please all ‘bon viveurs’.

Expanding the types of activities on offer, the company has launched new excursion packages for each cruise itinerary: the Discovery Package!

Guests can discover new energetic, unusual and original excursions, which will surprise and enchant those looking to experience more adventurous and sensation-filled activities. Sights off the beaten path, local product tasting and helicopter rides are among the many exciting experiences CroisiEurope has hand-picked for their passengers!

The finest cuisine prepared by the finest chefs

Each meal will let you experience French haute cuisine or the delights of local dishes prepared on board. Our chefs have worked alongside Michelin-starred culinary artists such as Paul Bocuse. Did you know that the CroisiEurope’s head chef, Alain Bohn is a member of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France? This esteemed French association was created 50 years ago and comprises just 250 chefs worldwide.

Unpack your bags only once, relax and enjoy the trip. Come sail with CroisiEurope and discover why river cruising is the new and most comfortable way to travel.

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