Changes to FRANCE Magazine and French Property News publication

Changes to FRANCE Magazine and French Property News publication

FRANCE Magazine has been acquired by France Media Group and will no longer continue in its current format. A difficult economic climate means there isn’t room for two magazines serving the same purpose. Instead, we will be merging FRANCE Magazine’s content into France Today Magazine, bringing together the best of both magazines to create one beautiful bimonthly magazine that celebrates all things France.

France Media Group have a rich history of providing inspiring content for Francophiles spanning over 20 years which we hope will give confidence and reassurance in our ability to deliver great content.

Understandably, if you are a subscriber to FRANCE Magazine, you may have concerns about payments you have already made and how this will impact your subscription going forward, particularly with the change to the frequency of publishing.

All subscribers will be receiving the latest issue of France Today magazine any day now and enclosed with the issue will be a letter outlining the new subscription package which includes many additional benefits along with your printed magazine.

This includes FREE digital access across the whole France Media Group portfolio, including archived issues of FRANCE Magazine. There is also complimentary access to membership site and free access to

You will also receive a separate statutory letter confirming any changes to payment collection dates. Whilst we have done our best to co-ordinate our communications, unfortunately some may receive a letter confirming payment arrangements before receipt of the magazine. The delivery times are out of our control and we apologise in advance if this is confusing.

We sincerely hope that you will love France Today and see it as a worthy alternative going forward. All available options have been explained in the letter which accompanies your magazine.

French Property News magazine will continue as a bimonthly publication with an increase in pagination as it absorbs content from FrenchEntrée Magazine which will be discontinued.

If you have any questions about your subscription, please email [email protected]

If you have any other questions about the France Today magazine, please email [email protected]

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