Capital idea for Dover


The port of Dover could be on the brink of a business breakthrough borrowed from the airline industry.

Millions of passengers are persuaded to book flights to obscure European airports because the airport is named after a well known destination, when in fact there is often no connection at all. The latest airport to adopt this trend is an aerodrome located in Kidlington which recently hit the headlines then it changed its name to London Oxford Airport.

This ever-more popular trend has not gone unnoticed by the P&O headquarters in Dover, and spokesperson Brian Rees believes that the trend is marketing genius: “Frankfurt Hahn is nowhere near Frankfurt, and Barcelona Girona isn’t exactly handy for Barcelona. Oslo Torp is a heck of a journey from Oslo.” Rees now believes that the ferry industry may be missing a trick. “By airline standards, the nation’s busiest passenger port is a stone’s throw from one of the most exciting capital cities on the planet. Perhaps we should be saying welcome to ParisDoverPort!” 

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