Buying a property in France with Immobilière Internationale COLDWELL BANKER

Buying property with Coldwell Banker

Buying property with Coldwell Banker - Credit: Archant

Immobilière Internationale Coldwell Banker will guide you through the entire process of buying a property in France, from househunting to exchanging keys

Coldwell Banker Immobiliere Internationale

Coldwell Banker Immobiliere Internationale - Credit: Archant

Coldwell Banker will guide you through the entire process of buying a property in France. The first step is helping you find the right property for you, whether you are looking for a main residence or a holiday home in France.

Once you have chosen the property you want in France you will be asked to make a written offer with all the conditions it may be subject to, for example a loan agreement, zoning rules etc. Then there are a number of preparations to carry out before you sign the first sale and purchase contract:

The vendor must provide a number of statutory survey reports about the property. These can include an electric and gas report, asbestos and lead report, termite report, risk report and energy performance report, although not all of these reports are mandatory for each house – it depends on the age of the house.

You must decide whether you will purchase the property with a loan or not. If you are getting a loan then you must include a conditional clause in the contract for obtaining a loan for the purchase, this is to protect you. If you are a cash buyer then you need to add a handwritten declaration in the contract stating that you do not require a loan.

You will be asked to pay a deposit for the house. This can be up to 10% of the purchase price.

You also need to appoint a notaire to represent you. You and the vendor can use the same notaire if you wish because a notaire must be impartial no matter who they are representing. Legal fees are approximately 7% of the purchase price and they are paid by the buyer.

Once you have signed the first sale and purchase contract, you will receive registered mail with a copy of the contract and the different surveys. The cooling down period of 10 days begins on the day you receive this registered mail and within this 10-day period you can cancel the contract with no penalty.

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Depending on your marital status, you may want to consult your notaire on the basis you should buy the property with your spouse. This consultation can be done between the signing of the sale and purchase contract and the signing of the deed. Make sure there is a substitution clause in the contract to give the freedom of switching to a company if necessary.

On the day of completion, or the day before, visit the property to ensure all is as it should be, particularly in relation to the fixtures and fittings and take time to read the different meters with the vendor. This is also a perfect time for you to ask all the technical questions you have. This type of meeting is mandatory practice for us at Coldwell Banker Immobilière Internationale, so you can have the best real estate experience ever.