From boogie-woogie festivals to butter: 7 things we learned about France in the October issue of FRANCE Magazine

From boogie-woogie festivals to butter: 7 things we learned about France in the October issue of FRANCE Magazine

We never stop learning about France with every issue of the magazine! Here’s what intrigued us this month

1) A barge is an incredible way to experience slow travel in Burgundy

And what better vessel than the Barge Luciole, a familiar sight on the area’s waterways having operated as a hotel boat there since the 1970s.

Journey down the eastern waterways with Karen Tait on page 18.

2) A fair dedicated to Joan of Arc has been held in Orléans since the 15th century

Since 1492, a great spring festival with a procession has been held in the city famous for its association with the warrior.

Enjoy a weekend break in Orléans with Paola Westbeek on page 24.

3) There are loads of initiatives aimed at making solo travellers feel welcome in France

A favourite is the free City Greeters scheme in cities across France, which matches visitors with knowledgeable local guides.

Devour our ultimate guide to travelling solo in France on page 38.

4) One of the world’s top boogie-woogie dance festivals is held in a tiny Cantal town

Laroquebrou is a gorgeous destination in Auvergne, brimming with history, culture and, er, dancing!

Take a stroll through the commune with Mark Sampson on page 46.

5) There’s a dreamy Alpine cheese dish called a reblochonnade and it sounds so good

A staple of the Savoyard ski resorts, it’s a tabletop grill and raclette combo allowing you to melt your own cheese and cook your own steak to go with it

Discover more hidden pleasures of the Annecy Mountains with Lara Dunn on page 50.

6) Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte, comes from a celebrated family of pâtissiers – and you can sample their wares in Amiens

Jean Trogneux in the northern city is famous for its macarons made with almonds and apricot jam; Brigitte’s nephew is now at the helm of the family business.

Explore magical Amiens, a great day trip from Paris, with Vicky Leigh on page 56.

7) Ever wondered what makes French butter taste so delicious? It has a higher percentage of butterfat

Its 82% of butterfat gives it that divine creaminess.

Lara Dunn spreads a bit of buttery joy on page 66.

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