Pétanque hooligans and a makeover for the Arc de Triomphe: 7 things we learned about France in the June 2020 issue of FRANCE Magazine

Pétanque hooligans and a makeover for the Arc de Triomphe: 7 things we learned about France in the June 2020 issue of FRANCE Magazine

Dig out your rucksack and hiking boots – it’s our walking special!

1) You’ll find a reconstructed French abbey in New York

Some of the beautiful cloisters of the Abbey de Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa in the Pyrenees now form part of the Met Cloisters museum in New York – a must for any Stateside Francophiles.

Visit the real abbey on a Pyrenees hiking adventure on page 25.

2) The Arc de Triomphe is set to undergo a (temporary) makeover later this year

As part of the Arc de Triomphe – Wrapped project, the Paris landmark will be covered in 25,000m of blue fabric and 7,000m of red ribbon.

Find out what else we have to look forward to in France later this year on page 30.

3) A wacky new hotel like no other is set to open in Metz soon

The Maison Heler, designed by Philippe Starck, will look like a traditional Alsatian house atop a modern skyscraper – out of the ordinary!

See which other new hotels are opening in France in 2020 and 2021 on page 31.

4) There’s a beautiful alpine garden in Paris home to 2,000 different plant species

The Jardin Alpin, part of the famous Jardin des Plantes, is slightly hidden from the main gardens and offers a fantastic respite from the tourist hordes for horticulture fans.

Discover more off-the-beaten-track Paris gardens on page 35.

5) Hospital staff in France are enjoying Michelin-starred meals from top chefs

It’s part of an initiative by Parisian chef Guillaume Gomez to treat the country’s healthcare workers, with many chefs from around the country doing their bit to help.

Find out more about this worthy initiative on page 62.

6) There’s a new French restaurant in London offering a French twist on the typical burger and chips

Big Fernand, which has opened in South Kensington, is making a name for its juicy hamburgés, which come with creative Gallic twists such as The Raclette, topped with the delicious cheese.

See what we thought of the new eatery on the block in our restaurant review on page 63.

7) The genteel sport of pétanque has seen its fair share of controversies, including bouliganisme

Who’d have thought it – pétanque hooligans!

Be bowled over by the fun history of this fantastic French sport on page 76.

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