12 reasons to buy the September 2017 issue of Living France

12 reasons to buy the September 2017 issue of Living France

The September 2017 issue of Living France is on sale now! Here’s why you should pick up a copy…

1. Get clued up on French politics

Following the presidential and parliamentary elections we take a look at the political system in France from the major parties to elections

2. Find out what it’s like to live in Vaucluse

Fields of lavender, enchanting villages and a cultural capital… you’ll love this picturesque part of Provence

3. Attract butterflies to your garden!

Sue Bradley tells us how to make our gardens inviting to nature’s most flamboyant visitors

4. Meet an expat running cycling tours in Alsace

Glenn Ford fell in love with Alsace almost 30 years ago and he now organises walking and cycling tours, showcasing what this part of France has to offer

5. Dates for your diary

Find out what’s going on in France this month and keep up-to-date with the latest travel news, book reviews and what to watch…

6. Find out what areas are renowned for their alcoholic drinks

From Champagne to Cognac, we explore four places famous for their tipples and find out why living there gives you plenty of reasons to raise your glass!

7. Read how one expat is getting French citizenship

Spurred on by the Brexit vote, Charles Timoney tells us how and why he is applying for French citizenship 30 years after moving to France

8. Meet a couple running adventure holidays in the Pyrénées

Penny and Andy Walker are sharing their passion for the great outdoors in the Pyrénées by running adventure holidays in this unspoilt and dramatic landscape

9. Learn how to live off-grid in France

How is it to live off-grid in France? We find out what the options are and how much help is available for those who want to save energy when living in France

10. Lots of pretty pictures of France

This one of Bergerac from our reader Chas Allen is one of our favourite pictures this month but there’s a lot more to see!

11. Find a village home in France

Want to be within walking distance to a local shop and the boulangerie? We select six properties situated in a village, all with charming character

12. James Martin’s recipe for iced blackberry soufflé

Finish off your dinner party in style with these refreshing blackberry soufflés. They’re frozen meaning so they don’t have the – factor traditional soufflés have You can buy the September issue of Living France here

Or you can take out our great subscription offer and get the magazine delivered to your door every month!

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