12 reasons to buy the January 2018 issue of French Property News

12 reasons to buy the January 2018 issue of French Property News

Start the year with a good resolution! Grab your January 2018 issue of French Property News and start your journey to owning a house in France. Here’s why you should buy our latest issue…

1. Bag yourself a bargain

Find your pick among 3 of the best properties under €100,000 and our monthly selection of homes for everyone.

2. Stay informed on the aftermath of the Brexit vote

In our quarterly market report, we found that British buyers aren’t waiting to buy a home in France. Find out why!

3. Find a dream home in the south of France

A farmhouse in Provence or an art gallery in Tarn? Or perhaps a home in Albi or Castres? We’ve got plenty of inspiration for sun-seekers in France.

4. Decorate your home… inside and out

Stay informed on how to maintain those gorgeous character features we love so much in French houses and create the perfect alfresco dining area in your garden, terrace or courtyard.

5. Buy an unconventional home

Converted industrial or commercial spaces are all the rage in France and we’ve pick some of the most interesting properties out there.

6. Do your own survey

While you should always seek professional advice, surveyor John Snell points out a few things you can look out for when visiting a property.

7. Create the perfect B&B in France

Discover the story of Susan and Roger and how they set up La Marmoire in Western France. Make sure you read their tips too!

8. Save money on driving in France

Check you’re doing everything you can to reduce costs of owning a car and driving in France.

9. Explore the Ile de Ré

This beautiful island is a favourite among French holidaymakers and certainly the dream place to own a home by the sea.

10. Find out how to avoid buying in an internet black hole

Fast broadband is not always available in France so take away a few lessons on how to avoid slow broadband in your French property.

11. Meet Chef Daniel Galmiche

The French chef talks about traditional dishes in France and how French cuisine needs to change.

12. Know the difference between buying in France and the UK

What’s the role of the notaire? What exactly is a compromis de vente? Do you need a survey in France? Find out what is different about buying property in France.

You can buy the January 2018 issue of French Property News now!

Or you can take out our great subscription offer and get the magazine delivered to your door every month!

And don’t forget we will be at the France Show on 26-28 January. Book your tickets now for our French Property Exhibition and a fun day out enjoying the flavours of France.

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