11 reasons to buy the January 2018 issue of Living France

11 reasons to buy the January 2018 issue of Living France

The January 2018 issue of Living France is out now! Here are 11 reasons why you should pick up a copy…

1. Find out what it’s like to live in Finistère

With the longest coastline in Brittany, Finistère is home to historic fishing towns that are steeped in tradition, myth and Celtic culture.

2. Find out how one expat got French citizenship

Mark Sampson has now officially acquired la nationalité française. He explains the final steps of the process and tells us why he’s so happy to finally be French.

3. Take a food tour through France

From an entrée in Burgundy-Franche-Comté to dessert in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, sample France’s regional specialities and find an area to suit your tastes.

4. Find out about cultural differences

There are plenty of clichés about the French lifestyle but what things do you notice as an expat in France? We reflect on some of the subtle cultural differences.

5. See inside a Breton cottage

Liz Lamour and her husband Corentin transformed a neglected outbuilding into a cosy cottage – find out how they did it!

6. Learn about the role of the mayor in France

The mayor’s role is wide-reaching in France so read our guide to understand their key responsibilities in French society.

7. Find out what’s happening in France

From truffle festivals in Dordogne to wine celebrations in Burgundy, we give you the key dates for January, plus the latest reviews and news.

8. See lots of houses in Finistère for sale

From quaint country cottages to cosy coastal homes, Finistère has plenty of choice for those looking for a rural retreat. Take a look at our selection of homes for sale.

9. Meet an expat running a holiday business in the Alps

Who said the French mountains were just for winter? We meet expats running health and fitness retreats in the Alps all year round.

10. Get a recipe for almond and blueberry galette

On 6 January, the French celebrate Ephipany with a galette des roi. But instead of going to the boulangerie this year, why not make your own? We have a recipe for an almond and blueberry version which is delicieux!

11. Start your own French wine cellar

In our new series, Richard Hemming brings you the ultimate case of French wine. This month he starts with Dom Pérignon. Find out which bottles makes his wish list!

You can buy the January 2018 issue of Living France here

Or you can take out our great subscription offer and get the magazine delivered to your door every month!

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