11 reasons to buy the December 2017 issue of French Property News

11 reasons to buy the December 2017 issue of French Property News

End the year with some festive cheer and French property inspiration! Here’s why you should buy the December issue of French Property News…

1. Get a dose of Christmas property dreams

We find festive cheer in homes with cosy interiors, a dream-like Alpine chalet and guides to the Réveillon dinner and classic French Christmas decorations.

2. Get expert advice of roofs and pools

A France-based chartered surveyor details a comprehensive list of things to look out for when dealing with French roofs and a pool and property maintenance specialist reveals how to best maintain your French pool.

3. Find out where the French want to own a holiday house

We investigate the top three places where French people dream of owning a holiday home.

4. Buy a house in a walled city

We go househunting in some of France’s most enchanting fortified walled towns, from Carcassonne to Aigues-Mortes.

5. Understand the regulations for listed buildings

Learn about the responsibilities owning a listed property or a home within a conservation area can entail.

6. Travel to the south

We explore Mazamet, in the Tarn department and the bustling city of Aix-en-Provence, in Bouches-du-Rhône, for a shot of sunshine.

7. Find inspiration in the home and business of Rosemary Conquest

The former antiques dealer has set up a successful B&B and wedding and events venue in the beautiful Loire Valley.

8. Catch up on one expat’s property adventures in Gard

They involve a builder, a barbecue and a boiler.

9. Explore four different ski resorts

Find your dream mountain property in the resorts of Mont-Dore or Super-Besse in Auvergne, or Morzine and Les Gets in Haute-Savoie.

10. Beware of the ‘letter of intention to buy’

Some agents are asking buyers to sign a lettre d’intention d’achat but make sure you understand everything before signing it.

11. Say goodbye to A-Z of Etiquette

It’s the final instalment of our fantastic series about French quirks, which had us in stitches at the proofreading stage and hopefully educated and entertained you. Merci Mark!

And part two of our mythbusting feature, the final instalment of the story behind one of France’s most popular B&Bs, expert advice on money transfers and always hundreds of properties for sale.

You can buy the December 2017 issue of French Property News now!

Or you can take out our great subscription offer and get the magazine delivered to your door every month!

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