Learning French: 6 tips for intermediates

Learning French: 6 tips for intermediates

If you have mastered the basics but are struggling to find the time to improve your French vocabulary then our 6 tips for intermediates will help you continue your language learning


• Sign up to a free conversation exchange website. Meet someone who is keen to do a language exchange on a regular basis. This might be in person or via Skype. There is nothing better than an authentic and spontaneous interaction in the target language. Or why not join a Meetup group consisting of fellow francophiles?

• Watch French songs on YouTube with lyrics – a fast and fun way to reinforce pronunciation and widen vocabulary.

• Switch the audio language on your favourite television series to French and have fun discovering the French equivalent. A sense of familiarity and genuine interest in the story will undoubtedly aid understanding.

• Listen to French radio online or podcasts while pottering about at home – you may not catch every word, but regular exposure to French will help your ear to become accustomed to its wonderful tones and rhythm.

• Read your daily horoscope online in French – integrate this simple activity into your daily routine and it will add so much value. An unknown verb is bound to crop up!

• Beware of false friends, or ‘faux amis’ – due to the complex linguistic history of the two languages, French is scattered with words that deceptively resemble what appear to be their English equivalents. Unfortunately, these may lull you into a false sense of security, so be aware that what can appear to be a direct translation isn’t always correct.

Too advanced? Try our 6 tips for beginners

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