Learning French: 6 tips for advanced learners

Learning French: 6 tips for advanced learners

If you have mastered French but want to maintain your language skills then our 6 tips for advanced learners will help you to continue to improve your French


• Watch a French film with French subtitles. Reading the subtitles while listening to the audio will reinforce new language and give you chance to understand words you have missed. It is a great way of addressing discrepancies between the written and spoken forms of French.

• Read the news in French online – make it part of your daily routine. Websites such as www.20minutes.fr offer easy-to-decipher articles concerning current events.

• Read a play in French. While novels are excellent for cultivating a sound knowledge of grammar, since plays are purely composed of dialogue, they are much more accessible and easier to digest.

• Watch interviews with your favourite French actors or singers on YouTube. A personal interest in someone is highly motivating and promotes understanding. Indeed, you are far more likely to retain the language if it is interesting and relevant.

• Share language – create a Whatsapp or email group with other French enthusiast friends and exchange new idiomatic expressions you have learnt!

• Beware of becoming complacent! Now that you’ve achieved a high level of fluency, why not focus on perfecting your accent in French? Or maybe even getting to grips with Québécois French… This Canadian version will certainly provide a challenge and is even viewed by some as almost a different language.

To advanced? Try our 6 tips for intermediates or 6 tips for beginners

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