Financial planning for all your French dreams

Financial planning for all your French dreams

Regularly reviewing your finances with expert advice from deVere France can help keep you on track whatever life brings

Buying a French property or moving to France is extremely exciting but these life-changing events also carry with them massive financial implications. Even once the purchase is done and you feel settled, the next new thing is always on the horizon be it a new addition to the family, planned or unexpected career changes, or retirement. Your financial circumstances and priorities change throughhout your lifetime and this affects your financial obligations, with each different circumstance requiring different commitments. Reviewing your finances and investments regularly and having the right advice at the right time can be tremendously beneficial.

deVere France’s key areas of expertise include advice on retirement planning, overseas pensions, estate and succession planning, and insurance and education planning amongst others. We can help you review your current portfolio and assets and recommend the right investment path or insurance products to meet your changing needs.

As a deVere client you will enjoy associated benefits such as our comprehensive range of products – many of which are exclusive to our clients – our market-leading technologies, and our well-established relationships with the world’s leading financial institutions.

Regular reviews can:

• Ensure you are on track to achieving your financial goals

• Ensure you are tax efficient for the future

• Ensure your investments are in line with your financial risk profile

• Ensure your portfolio is globally diversified to mitigate risk

• Ensure your will is still relevant, up to date, and valid in whatever country you reside

• Inform you of any new trends that could potentially benefit your portfolio

• Assist with any taxation issues with regards to moving funds internationally

Contact your deVere adviser for a no obligation complimentary review of your investment portfolio and to discuss any changes in your circumstances. [email protected]

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