Christmas arrives at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann for 2023

Christmas arrives at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann for 2023

The magic of Christmas at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is a cherished tradition that captivates visitors every year. In 2023, the department store has once again transformed into a winter wonderland, enchanting guests with its spectacular Christmas windows and the iconic giant Christmas tree.

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This year, the theme for the Christmas windows is the epic story of a little girl and a magic paintbrush, taking viewers on a journey to an imaginary land imagined by fashion designer Charles de Vilmorin. The talented teams from Galeries Lafayette have created the window displays along Haussmann Boulevard, telling the tale of the wonderful characters the girl and her paintbrush meet in their adventures. The tree, which has been a tradition since 1976, adorns the centre of the iconic and spectacular dome and is a sight to behold, illuminating the store with festive cheer.

The Meaning of This Year’s Tree

The 2023 Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is a symbol of joy, wonder, and the spirit of the holiday season. Adorned with dazzling lights and beautiful decorations, the tree serves as a focal point for visitors, evoking a sense of awe and delight. This year, the tree’s design and decorations are inspired by childhood memories of a Christmas spent with Charles de Vilmorin’s grandparents, reflecting the enchanting narrative depicted in the Christmas windows. It stands as a beacon of hope and celebration, bringing people together to share in the magic of Christmas.

History of the Christmas Tree

The tradition of the giant Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette dates back to 1976, when it first graced the centre of the store’s dome. Over the years, the tree has become an iconic symbol of the holiday season in Paris, drawing locals and tourists alike to marvel at its splendour. Each year, the tree is meticulously decorated, with its design and theme carefully chosen to capture the imagination of all who behold it. As visitors gaze upon the tree, they are reminded of the enduring magic and tradition of Christmas at Galeries Lafayette.

The Glasswalk

One of the most beloved attractions at Galeries Lafayette during the Christmas season is the Glasswalk, which offers a breathtaking view of the magnificent tree from above. Visitors can stroll along the glass walkway and admire the tree from a unique vantage point, taking in the full grandeur of its shimmering lights and decorations. In addition to the Glasswalk, the department store also presents special offers and experiences for shoppers, including festive promotions, exclusive gifts, and a range of holiday-themed activities.

A Christmas for Giving

In the spirit of the season, Galeries Lafayette is also hosting “A Christmas for Giving” initiative, allowing customers to make a donation to the CéKeduBonheur association by rounding up their purchases to the nearest euro at the cash register. This charitable effort embodies the spirit of generosity and solidarity, inviting visitors to contribute to a meaningful cause while enjoying their holiday shopping experience.

Christmas at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is a time-honoured tradition that continues to enchant and inspire all who experience it. From the dazzling Christmas windows to the iconic tree and the special offerings, the department store’s festive celebration is a testament to the magic of the holiday season. As visitors gather to marvel at the splendour of the tree and partake in the joyous atmosphere, they are reminded of the enduring spirit of Christmas and the power of shared moments of wonder and delight.

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