Can you get a grant for a French property renovation?

Can you get a grant for a French property renovation?

What grants are available for renovation work on a French property, who’s eligible and how do you apply?

Due to climate change concerns, many of the grants are directly associated with energy efficiency improvement.

Ma Prime Rénov

This energy efficiency state aid scheme is available to all households regardless of income, but only for main residences that are over two years old. The amount awarded depends on the household revenue and the extent of energy efficiency.

Another option in the same scheme is the ‘Coup de pouce économies d’énergie’, which covers expenditure on a new central-heating boiler or work to improve insulation. Available until 31 December 2021, it can be combined with other grants. There is also the €150 ‘Coup de pouce thermostat avec régulation performante’ grant, which reimburses expenditure on a high-performance thermostat. It cannot be combined with other grants.

Aid also exists to undertake works of adaption for older or disabled people.

Eco-loan at 0% interest

Available to all homeowners, landlords or tenants, this loan must be used for work that improves the thermal efficiency of the property or for the replacement of an individual sewage system.

The loan is from €7,000 for a single improvement up to €30,000 for three or more. A maximum of €10,000 is available for sewage systems. The repayment period can be extended to 15 years. To be eligible you must satisfy one of these three conditions:

• Undertake at least one of these energy conservation measures: roof insulation; exterior wall insulation, ground floor insulation; replacement of at least half the exterior windows and doors; installation or replacement of heating systems or hot water tanks.

• Achieve a minimum overall level of energy efficiency for the dwelling.

• Undertake the installation of a sewage system.

Other options

There is a special VAT (TVA) rate of 5.5% for energy-saving measures and materials available for principle and secondary residences.

The ‘Habiter Mieux’ scheme makes grants available for low-income groups.

Check with your ‘mairie’ or town hall for other incentives. Generally, you must use an artisan or company that is registered as being RGE (Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement).

For complete details ring +33 808 800 700 (in French) or find your local FAIRE service to discuss your project with an advisor:

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