7 reasons to buy a house in Manche

PUBLISHED: 16:21 22 July 2021 | UPDATED: 17:29 22 July 2021

Wooden huts in Barneville-Carteret (c) makasana / Getty Images

Wooden huts in Barneville-Carteret (c) makasana / Getty Images


With a beautiful coastline, easy access to the UK and affordable property, Manche in Normandy is great choice to start a life in France

1. La mer and 360km of coastline

You are never too far from the sea in Manche, Normandy, and there’s a wonderful choice of beaches to suit your every mood. The lively resort of Agon-Coutainville has restaurants, bars and shops while Barneville-Carteret with its pretty white and blue beach cabins is great for a family day spent building sandcastles. Find a quiet spot in the Chausey archipelago where the main island offers six hidden sandy beaches or for wind or water sports head to the 11km sandy stretch on the Cove of Vauville.

2. Family friendly

With good schools that tend to be small in size, one of the lowest crime rates in France, groups and associations offering sporting and cultural activities, plus special children’s events at the annual Granville Carnival, Manche is great for families and is becoming particularly popular with those wanting to relocate from lager urban areas.

Mont Saint-Michel (c) bluejayphoto / Getty ImagesMont Saint-Michel (c) bluejayphoto / Getty Images

3. Mont-St Michel

As one of France’s most visited sites, Mont-St Michel gets its own mention. On the island’s rocky peak, the abbey is considered a masterpiece of medieval architecture. The village is home to around forty permanent residents, and every day tourists cross the bay to peruse the shops on the high street and admire the medieval city walls.

4. Easy access

If want to split you time between your new property and the UK, Ireland or Paris, Manche is well-located with multiple ferry services running from Cherbourg while Paris is just three hours away by train. The nearest international airport is Dinard in Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany.

Steamed Mussels (c) Fudio / Getty ImagesSteamed Mussels (c) Fudio / Getty Images

5. Cider and seafood

Markets are a part of everyday life here and Cherbourg and Saint-Lô both have markets five days a week. Cider produced in Cotentin has an AOC appellation and the department produces 100,000 bottles annually. Manche is the leading shellfish producing department in France, most notable oysters, mussels and whelks, while salmon is raised in the bay off Cherbourg.

6. Beautiful bocage

Inland, the bocage landscape – small irregular fields separated by hedges and ditches – gives the countryside a small-scale intimate feel.

Houses in Mont Saint-Michel (c) RolfSt / Getty ImagesHouses in Mont Saint-Michel (c) RolfSt / Getty Images

7. Affordable property

On average house cost €1,470/m² and while some properties with outstanding views in very popular locations come in at a premium, there are plenty of affordable options falling below this average for those on a budget. The market offers everything from town houses to country homes, and from chateaux to cottages.

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