21 French words to help with your DIY or renovation project

21 French words to help with your DIY or renovation project

Planning to undertake a renovation project or do some DIY in France? Here are 21 French words that you will need to know

Un sondage – A survey

Le bricolage – DIY

L’aménagement (m) – The arrangement/layout

Autodidacte (mf ) – Self-taught

Les conseils (mpl) – Advice

Un plan de travail – A work surface

Mise en œuvre – Implementation/application

À monter soi-même – Self-assembly

Un homme à tout faire – A handyman

Le chantier – The construction site

Une toile blanche – A blank canvas

Décaisser – To dig/excavate

Un devis – A quote/estimate

Un devis descriptif – A detailed quote

Un artisan – A craftsman

Un maître d’œuvre – A project manager

Un contrat de construction – A building contract

Un plombier – A plumber

Un menuisier – A carpenter

Un couvreur – A roofer

Les norms – Building regulations and standards

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