19 French words you need to know to understand the French tax system

19 French words you need to know to understand the French tax system

Do you know how to say ‘a taxpayer’ or ‘marital status’ in French? Here are 19 French words and phrases you need to know to navigate the tax system in France

Un contribuable – A taxpayer (a person who contributes to the state’s income)

Payer des impôts – To pay tax

Une personne imposable / non-imposable – A taxpayer / A person who doesn’t pay tax

Être exonéré ou exempté – To be exonerated or exempted

Le seuil d’imposition – The income threshold (below which you pay no tax)

Un avis de non-imposition – A certificate to prove that you’re tax-exempt

Déclarer ses revenus – To declare one’s income

Soumettre une déclaration – To submit a declaration/ statement

Votre lieu de séjour principal – Your main residence (where you stay more than six months per year)

L’année fiscale – The tax year

Remplir un document en ligne – To fill in a document online

Faire les démarches nécessaires – To take the necessary steps

Le foyer fiscal – The household for tax purposes

Un conjoint – A spouse

Une personne à charge – A person who’s dependent on you

La situation de famille – Marital status

Le cas échéant – If/when applicable

Le montant à payer / à régler – The amount due

Un prélèvement mensuel – An automatic monthly payment (eg direct debit)

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