11 delicious French expressions with fruit and vegetables

11 delicious French expressions with fruit and vegetables

Use one of these tasty French idioms to make a good impression on your next trip to France

Avoir la banane

Literal translation: To have a banana

English equivalent: To be on top form

En rang d’oignon

Literal translation: In a line of onions

English equivalent: To be lined up like toy soldiers

La cerise sur le gâteau

Literal translation: The cherry on the cake

English equivalent: The icing/cherry on the cake

C’est la fin des haricots

Literal translation: It’s the end of the beans

English equivalent: Game over!

Tomber dans les pommes

Literal translation: To fall in the apples

English equivalent: To faint or pass out

Avoir un cœur d’artichaut

Literal translation: To have an artichoke heart

English equivalent: To fall in love easily

Couper la poire en deux

Literal translation: To cut the pear in two

English equivalent: To compromise or to meet someone halfway

Appuyer sur le champignon

Literal translation: To press on the mushroom

English equivalent: To put your foot down (when driving), step on the gas

Ramener sa fraise

Literal translation: Bring one’s strawberry

English equivalent: Come here

Compter pour des prunes

Literal translation: To count for plums

English equivalent: To count for nothing

Avoir la patate

Literal translation: To have the potato

English equivalent: To be full of beans


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