18 French words you need to know to use the banking system in France

PUBLISHED: 10:00 18 March 2015 | UPDATED: 15:50 15 October 2015

Banking in France © Dreamstime

Banking in France © Dreamstime

(c) Ammentorp | Dreamstime.com

Do you know how to say ‘cash’ or ‘overdraft’ in French? Here are 18 words and phrases you need to know in order to be able to use the French banking system

Un compte bancaire – a bank account

Le solde – the balance

Un virement – a transfer

Un prélèvement automatique – a direct debit

Un chéquier – a cheque book

Une carte bancaire – a debit/credit card

Être à découvert – to be overdrawn

Payer d’agios – to pay banking fees

Approvisionné – supplied with funds

Un découvert autorisé – an authorised overdraft

Faire un retrait d’argent liquide – to withdraw cash

Un distributeur de billets – a cash machine

En espèces – in cash

Un produit d’épargne – a savings product

Prêt – loan

Découvert – overdraft

Billet – Bank note

Liquide – Cash

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